Sugar Bean Jewelry

Looking for some unique piece of jewelry?

It is said that accessories are like vitamins to fashion. Give a girl the right jewelry and she will trounce this world.

Sugar Bean Jewelry - Arrowhead Earring Jackets

Sugar bean jewelry understands all your needs!! Here you can have a trendy collection of all the high quality materials at an affordable price. Excited guys??? Let’s move into the further details of Sugar bean jewelry……….


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Sugar Bean Jewelry

Sugar Bean Jewelry is a glorious creation of Jen Boyer, founded in the year 2008. She has a passion for creating jewelery. The need for a collection with an understated intricate provided her inspiration to bring something new. All the designs of Sugar Bean Jewelry are clean, fresh and made from high-quality materials.

Sugar Bean Jewelry – Products

Sugar Bean Jewelry mainly specializes in bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings. Elephant necklace, arc necklace, matchstick necklace, Black onyx Jaguar Beaded bracelet and mini spike earring studs are some of its top seller products. While Antler necklace, Beaded horn necklace, Petite horseshoe studs, online exclusive lapis bracelet are some of the new arrivals in this category.

Bean Necklace

Sugar Bean lets you to have a customized touch to your jewelry collection with these sterling designs. Trust me you will look gorgeous!!! When you will wear this eye catching necklace.

Sugar Bean Jewelry - Initial Stud Earring

Nowadays, bean necklace is becoming very popular that it has become a part of every woman’s jewelry collection. It is available for every style and look. No matter how good you look or what is the shape of your face. This bean necklace will light up your face and will admire your look. Bean necklace is endowed with a meaning of beginning, peace, hope and energy. Hence, it is a wonderful gift for anyone who is going to start a new career, new relationship, new life etc. Currently the necklace is unavailable at Sugar Bean Jewelry. You can buy this bean necklace from other sites like amazon, ebay and other relevant sites.

Some Of The Top Seller Necklaces Of Sugar Bean Jewelry

Arc necklace

This classic arc necklace is a perfect option for bridesmaid gift. Besides, you can use this for both office and party wears. The pendent is simple and very beautiful, you will love it.

  • Arc necklace is double plated in either 14k yellow gold or white rhodium, 14k rose gold.
  • Contains CZ stones
  • 16” + 2” extension.
  • Size of pendent is approximately 6mm x 13mm.
  • The necklace is well packed in signature suede pouch.

Elephant Necklace

Do you know? Elephant is a symbol of strength, stability, honor and patience. In western culture it is believed that upturned trunk of an elephant brings luck, while the downward trunk symbolizes mourning. Wearing an elephant charm will bring luck and positive energy in your life.

  • Outstanding silver necklace that is double plated in either 14k white rhodium or yellow gold.
  • Made of CZ stones.
  • Pendent measures around 10mm x 15mm.
  • 16” with 2” extension.

Match Stick Necklace

This is one of the best seller of Sugar Bean Jewelry. You should try this horizontal stick necklace that can add a modern or classic look to your style. Get Jennifer Aniston’s look after wearing this!!!

  • Splendid silver, double plated necklace that comes in either 14k rose gold, 14k yellow gold or white rhodium.
  • Made from CZ stones.
  • Pendent counts around 25mm across.
  • 16” with 2” extension.

Sugar Bean Jewelry Skull

Generally skull signifies strength, protection, potential, fearlessness, guidance and wisdom. It can help you to survive through a difficult time. Try this!! Kelly Ripa has tried this necklace. Now its your turn to do so….

Skull Necklace With Black Spinel Stones

This black spinel stone skull necklace comes with a sterling silver chain, double plated in either 14k yellow gold/black rhodium or 14k rose gold/black rhodium.

  • Made from black spinal stones.
  • Pendent measures around 12mm x 10mm
  • 16” with 2” extension.

Skull Earring Studs

People love this iconic sweet version. Its really pretty!! Even I have the same pair of skull stud earrings with me, gifted to me by my close friend. Overcome your fears with these brawny skull studs.

  • Admirable silver, double plated in either 14k yellow gold or white rhodium, 14k rose gold.
  • Designed from alluring CZ stones.
  • Measures approximately 8.5mm x 8.5mm.
  • Arrowhead earring sugar bean

Arrowhead Earring Jackets

The coeval design of this pair of arrowhead earring studs and jackets will never go out of style. You can wear the studs alone or pair with the jackets for evening parties.

  • Commendable silver, double plated in either 14k yellow gold or white rhodium, 14k rose gold.
  • Presence of three holes in the earring jackets to personalize the height for your individual lobe.
  • CZ stones.
  • Studs are 4mm in diameter and arrowhead pendent is around 11mm long.
  • This admirable silver piece will come packaged in Sugar Bean’s special gift box.

Sugar Bean Jewelry Shipping

It will take about 1-2 days for processing the order. Goods are shipped using UPS Ground. Once the order is dispatched from the center, you will get a shipping confirmation email with all the tracking information. All the domestic orders above $100 ship for free.

Sugar Bean Jewelry Reviews

Sugar Bean Jewelry is a perfect online destination to shop your favorite necklaces, studs, earrings, bracelets etc. Almost all the designs are made from CZ stones. These CZ stones are flawless, crystal clear and available at an affordable price. It looks similar to a diamond and has many diamond-like qualities. You can buy them directly from or from

Sugar Bean Jewelry – Coupon, Promo & Voucher Codes

Sugar Bean Jewelry tries to provide a best shopping experience to its customers through coupon, promo and voucher codes. These are the best options to save your money. To use a coupon code, just copy and enter the coupon code while checking out at the store. Moreover, you can sign up with your email address at Sugar Bean Jewelry to receive all the free newsletters on discounts and vouchers straight into your mailbox.

Sugar Bean Jewelry – Frequently asked questions

I want make some corrections in the information provided by me at the time of placing the order. What should I do?

You can access, correct, make changes or delete any personal information by sending a mail to

Can I get some details on direct payment gateway?

If you wish to pay by direct payment gateway, then Shopify will store your credit card data. Shopify is an online e-commerce platform through which all the Sugar Bean products and services are sent to the customers. The credit card data is encrypted through the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. No personal information will be shared with the third party customers.

What is the customer service phone number?

The customer service number of Sugar Bean Jewelry is 602-468-9944.


Remember!! Chocolates and flowers may die or get eaten. But Jewelry is something that will remain forever. So next time, when you are planning for a gift. Think about Sugar Bean Jewelry………

Mechaly Vegan Fashion Accessories

Mechaly is an online fashion brand that mainly concentrates on classy accessories that helps one to make their own style statements. They have an array of products and when you talk about design, fashion, concern for the environment and social responsibility they top the list. All their products are excellent and full swing vegan products which include top quality purses, wallets, handmade jewelry and a wide range of hats to choose from.

Shop the Latest in Fashion Accessories

Mechaly was established with the desire of blending both social actions and fashion trends together. It aims to bring style and class without hurting animals around the world. Mechaly offers styles and high class products which are vegan and totally great to carry on with. Their skull carved handbags are just so cool and it is one of the most sought ones online. Mechaly is a certified vegan brand endorsed by PETA and They say “Make a statement .join the movement. Change the world one bag at a time”. It means that when you buy a bag you are actually helping animals by not buying leather and other accessories made from animal parts. They are a bunch of French designers from the Beverly Hills’ and they have used their maiden name “Mechaly” as their brand name.

Highlights Of Mechaly

  • Fights for social causes like cruelty against animals
  • Style and hand-picked masterpieces
  • Handmade jewelry made in America
  • Vegan products with utmost style and comfort
  • A proud member and supporter of PETA

Below I have picked a few products from their fashion accessories which are most sought around by people. These are a must to have for those who love to go around with style and a signature statement.

First product which I would like to talk about is

Mechaly Women’s Skully Black Vegan Leather Skull Handbag

Below you can find the picture of the skull engraved bag and how cool it looks. It has a stunning design and goes well along with any kind of dressing.

If you have a habit of collecting handbags then this skull handbag is a must pick which will turn out be a versatile choice to carry along. It will surely get heads to turn while you go around flaunting your style. It gives the same finish of a leather handbag but without any tears or pain of an animal attached with it.

Shop the Latest in Fashion Accessories

This handbag is a great pick for those who want ample storage space and it is perfect for any occasion. Whether you are going for a formal tour or a casual outing with your family this bag is easy to carry and enhances your personality. This satchel handbag is durable and lasts long as it is made with a dense lining. It has two comfortable top handles and shoulder strap which gives it an extra attitude and complete elegance. You can combine this bag any type of dress and trust me it will make you look apart in the crowd. It has two zippers, two large compartments of size: 14*5*8.5 and two pockets for extra storage. This handbag is available in few chosen colors but here I have mentioned about the black skull handbag. It is made up of faux leather which adds to its durability and strength.

Eva mechaly hat is the next product in this list

Mechaly Women’s Eva Black Fedora Vegan Hat

Mechaly Women’s Eva Black Fedora Vegan Hat is one of the stylish hats that I have ever seen and it instantly matches with any sort of outfit. It adds class and elegance to your style and will turn out to be your favorite hat. This hat has a classy design and has a narrow brim modified with a classic dent to give a polished look. It is soft and gentle yet has a sturdy build body which makes it last long. It can be used while going for outings or on any casual day coupled with a simple dress or neutral colored outfit. It is perfect for fall and winters. It comes in one size and fits almost all comfortably. This hat is a must buy to add to your wardrobe and fashion.

Gold filled Jewelry

You should also try their gold filled jewelry which comes in classic designs. They offer bracelets, finger bracelets, necklaces and earrings which are gold filled. Gold filled ornaments are the best and cheapest alternative to actual gold. Don’t confuse gold filled as gold plated as it is entirely different from what you are thinking. Gold filled is actually a layer of gold that is bonded with another metal to form a distinctive piece. Gold filled jewelry from is tarnish resistant and is not prone to wear and tear like gold plated. It does not fade over time and does not rub off on the long run. You should actually try their collections to know yourself.

Customer Reviews About Mechaly Brand

Mechaly is a favorite brand of many people and they are the most sought by people who love animals and at the same time don’t want to compromise with fashion. Their skull purses and handbags are of great demand among the customers. They say it looks classy and light to carry around with ease. Some say that mechaly produces near to perfect products that are not overdone but with excellent quality and design.

And to talk about their jewelry it is unmatched as they are handmade in America. They have carefully handpicked each and every accessory. Overall mechaly products are of high demand because of their class and style that they have to offer.

Among a few reviews I saw that a bunch of customers were of the opinion that the handbags looked smaller than what it looks online. Also the skull seems to be very small and not prominent as shown in the photos.

Another set of complaints were about the colour that they are not as what they look online. But overall I felt that they are a good catch for the price they come and for the style they have to offer. If you want to gift your loved ones then you can try mechaly products.

What Kind Of Leather Is Used To Mechaly Products?

Mechaly employs vegan leather which is an animal friendly version when compared to real leather made from animal skin. Vegan leather is a combination of different materials and they are listed below. Vegan leather is an animal-friendly alternative to real leather, it can mean several different materials. Vegan leathers often include a combination of the following materials. Vegatan – this is a type of microfiber material that gives the same look like that of animal leather. Another similar material is lorica which is made of different microfiber components. Birko –flor is another material which is made up of acrylic and polyamide fibers which gives the look of normal leather. Other types of materials used are Birkibuc, polyurethane, kydex( an acrylic –PVC alloy).

Normal leather is made using animal products and which is not a great choice to hang-out with. Now textile technology has advanced so much that they have actually created materials that imitate the look of natural leather. It is almost impossible to find out the difference between normal leather and vegan leather as it looks strikingly similar. But be guilt free while using mechaly products as they are animal friendly products.

Where To Buy Mechaly Products?

You can buy them from their online fashion store and they have a wide range of products to offer that will add to your style. You can avail coupons and promo codes while buying the products. Unlike other websites you don’t have to worry about creating an account and then ordering a product. Mechaly makes it easy for its customers to order products with guest checkout option. Mechaly orders are processed via PayPal.

Shipping & Information Regarding Products

Mechaly offers free shipping for ground and &25 for air based shipping. If you have opted for ground shipping then you can expect the product within a week which includes only business days. For air shipping it usually takes two working days. Mechaly also offers international shipping for its customers worldwide. If you have any queries or want to seek more information about the products then you can email them at

What If I Don’t Like A Product Can I Return It Back?

Now that is something you will be surprised to know. Mechaly offers a 30 day return policy which means you can return a product if you don’t like it within the given time frame. You can directly email them with purchase details so that they will help you with the return process.

Conclusion: Mechaly products are designed and hand-picked by professionals who know what flavors go well with different seasons. If you want to be trendy and stylish these products ought to be a part of your closet. Mechaly products are classy and moreover their motive of helping animals is actually a wonderful job.

Vinsiena Designs Gold & Platinum Jewelry

Vinsiena Designs by AVG Trading is one of the leading online jewelry stores. The company has strong base of experience and knowledge in hand made, CAD designing and manufacturing of diamond jewelry. Vinsiena Designs came into the jewelry business over 19 years ago. Vinsiena Designs is a California based company offering excellent and mesmerizing diamond, gold and platinum jewelries for your special occasions.

  • Here, in this article, you shall be seeing
  • Vinsiena Designs about the company
  • Vinsiena Designs engagement rings
  • Vinsiena Designs wedding bands
  • Top 10 Vinsiena Designs
  • Vinsiena Designs customer reviews
  • Vinsiena Designs coupon codes

Vinsiena Designs – Company Profile

The company was set up in California, over 19 years ago. Vinsiena Designs are the jewelers and designers manufacturing finest designs in jewels. Every piece of their jewelry is made from scratch in house, in their design studio in Los Angeles. All their jewelry pieces are proudly made in the USA. Recently, the company in partnership with a jewelry designer Anjay to create even more exciting and unique designs like Cherry Blossom/Sakura line, Pearl Engagement rings line and much more. All products of Vinsiena Designs are available in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum.

Vinsiena Designs Engagement Rings

Choose your perfect diamond engagement ring with Vinsiena Designs. Vinsiena Designs engagement rings give an elegant look for your special day. Vinsiena Designs offer engagement rings in diamond, Sakura moissanite finish. We shall be reviewing in detail in the coming paragraphs.

Vinsiena Designs Wedding Bands

Are you looking for a wedding band to express your unsending love? Check for exquisite wedding band collections at Vinsiena Designs. At Vinsiena Designs, you can see wedding bands in gold, white gold, matte, rose gold, diamond finishes. The detail of each wedding band shall be seen below.

Top 10 Vinsiena Designs

  • 14k rose gold diamond cherry blossom flower, Sakura wedding band
  • 14k rose gold engagement ring, ‘Forever One’ Moissanite
  • 14k white gold diamond cherry blossom flower, Sakura wedding band
  • 14k white gold engagement ring, wedding ring
  • 14k white gold engagement ring, black diamond
  • 14k rose gold diamond cherry blossom flower, Sakura engagement ring Black diamond
  • 14k rose gold engagement ring, black diamond
  • 14k rose gold floral matte finish engagement ring, wedding band
  • Unique platinum diamond engagement ring
  • Unique platinum diamond wedding band

14 k Rose Gold Diamond Cherry Blossom Flower, Sakura Wedding Band

These beautifully designed Cherry Blossom/Sakura/ diamond wedding band is made of 14k rose gold. Make your special day the best, with 14 k rose gold diamond cherry blossom flower, Sakura wedding band.


  • It has 7 genuine white sapphires, with a total weight of 0.50ct
  • The width of the ring is 6.0mm and thickness 2.3mm.
  • 14 k rose gold diamond cherry blossom flower, Sakura wedding band has 112 VS-SI/G-H color diamonds weighing 0.95ct
  • You can use this graceful ring design for your wedding, engagement or anniversary.
  • The ring is available in any finger size requested.

The purchase of 14 k rose gold diamond cherry blossom flower, Sakura wedding band is risk free. You are also backed by their 100% money back guarantee. The company offers 100% natural diamonds with no enhancements or treatments of any kind. It’s the buyer’s responsibility to provide with correct ring size and gold preference.

14k Rose Gold Engagement Ring, ‘Forever One’ Moissanite

Its an engagement ring, beautiful in every way. You will love to buy one for your engagement day.


  • Made of solid 14k rose gold
  • 1.0 ct round cut Charles and Colvard Forever One Moissanite center stone.
  • Allow 7-14 days for production or shipping of 14k rose gold engagement ring, ‘Forever One’ Moissanite .
  • 14k rose gold engagement ring, ‘Forever One’ Moissanite comes in an elegant jewelry/ ring box.

The purchase of 14k rose gold engagement ring, ‘Forever One’ Moissanite is risk free. It is also backed by 100% money back guarantee. 14k rose gold engagement ring, ‘Forever One’ Moissanite is made of natural Moissanite.

14k White Gold Diamond Cherry Blossom Flower, Sakura Wedding Band

Beautify your wedding day with Vinsiena Design’s exclusive Cherry Blossom flower, Sakura wedding band.


  • They are made of solid 14k white gold.
  • It has 7 genyine white sapphires, weighing 0.50ct
  • The thickness of the ring is 2.3mm and width is 6mm.
  • 14k white gold diamond cherry blossom flower, Sakura wedding band comes with a 112 VS-SI/G-H color diamonds, of total weight 0.95ct.

14k white gold diamond cherry blossom flower, Sakura wedding band is also available in rose gold, yellow gold and platinum. The ring will come in an elegant ring box. The company offers Layaway Plan, which is Buy Now and pay later. You just need to make 20% down payment. The reminder balance can be paid in monthly installments or in one lump sum amount, within 6 months of purchase.

14k White Gold Engagement Ring, Wedding Ring

You can use this multi-purpose ring for either engagement or wedding. Beautiful and elegant from every angle, this ring is the best way to express your limitless love.


  • It is made of solid 14k white gold
  • Made out of 1.0ct round cut white sapphire center stone
  • Available finishes: white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum
  • Carries 100% natural sapphire stone, with no enhancements or treatments of any kind.

14k White Gold Engagement Ring, Black Diamond

The 14k white gold engagement ring, black diamond is a graceful ring design for your wedding, engagement or anniversary.


  • 14k white gold engagement ring, black diamond comes in 14k solid white gold finish.
  • It has a 1.0ct round cut black diamond center stone.
  • The ring perfectly sets in a stunning 14k white gold band.
  • It takes 7-14 business days for production/shipping of 14k white gold engagement ring, black diamond.

14k Rose Gold Floral Matte Finish Engagement Ring, Wedding Band

The 14k rose gold floral matte finish wedding band is a graceful wedding band, you can wear for your wedding, engagement or anniversary.


  • Its made of solid 14k rose gold
  • The width of the band is 10.0mm and the thickness is 2.2mm
  • The weight of the band is approx.10gm
  • The 14k rose gold floral matte finish engagement ring, wedding band is available in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum.

14k rose gold floral matte finish engagement ring, wedding band purchases are 100% risk-free. They are backed by 100% money back guarantee. At Vinsiena Designs, you get 100% natural diamonds with no enhancements.

Unique Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring

This unique platinum diamond engagement ring gives an elegant look. It adds more beauty and spark for your engagement.


  • This unique diamond engagement ring is made of platinum
  • It is made with 1.51c round diamond center stone.
  • It has 35 VS-SI/G-H color diamonds of total weight 0.35ct

The ring is available in any finger size requested. Make sure to give the correct ring size and gold preference. The company carries 100% pure diamonds.

Unique Platinum Diamond Wedding Band

This elegant beautiful wedding band adds glory and charm to your special day. Express your unending love with this unique platinum diamond wedding band.


  • The width of the ring is 3.75mm
  • Thickness of the wedding band is 1.73mm
  • The wedding band has 16 VS-Si/G-H color diamonds weighing 0.24 ct.
  • This unique platinum diamond wedding band is available in rose gold, white gold, yellow gold and platinum finishes.

All wedding and purchases are 100% risk free. Vinisiena Designs provide Layaway Plan option for their customers. You can buy the wedding band and pay later. The company requires 20% down payment. The reminder balance can be paid in monthly installments.

Vinsiena Designs Customer Reviews

The website of Vinsiena Designs do not hold any information on customer reviews. There are no customer reviews on Vinsiena Designs on the web.

Vinsiena Designs Coupon Codes

Vinsiena Designs coupon codes help you make shopping easier at discounted prices. Here are some of the Vinsiena Designs promo codes available on the internet.

  • Get 5% off at Vinsiena Designs with the coupon code “SHOP5SL”
  • Get international shipping to most countries at $39.95 with USPS or FedEx.
  • Buy 14k white gold engagement ring for $950 only at

NextMia – Plus Size Clothing For All

Garments’ shopping is one of the most favorite tasks for any women. You need to regularly upgrade or make over your wardrobe because of the change in taste, trend and size. Yes you read it right, Size! It is not that always you will remain size zero. Pregnancy, post pregnancy, hormonal changes, obesity and many other factors lead to changes in your body weight. But this would certainly not change your liking to buy new clothes, off course Plus Size. A quickly growing online store called NextMia offers a large variety of Plus Size Clothing For all. Read on to know more about NextMia – Plus Size Clothing For all. Firstly, have a look at the content details below

plus size boutique online, offers a variety of the latest fashion trendy women’s plus size clothing with best quality just for you!

  • About NextMia
  • NextMia Goal
  • NextMia Products
  • Discounts and Coupon Codes
  • Customer Reviews
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Conclusion

About NextMia

NextMia is the rapidly growing one stop fashion destination for fashionable women worldwide. It is swiftly increasing its space in the fashion industry by providing all women with perfect fashion, sizing and style. In addition you get a chance to shop conveniently from the comfort of your home and don’t miss any opportunity of looking stunning.

If you are a plus size woman then also there is no need to worry about looking messy as NextMia is specialized in plus size women clothing. All products at NextMia are designed considering the latest fashion trends so that you always get best of the best. Fashion is changing very quickly and it is getting very difficult for plus size women to get latest fashion due to limited stores offering them. But now this problem is solved with NextMia – a perfect destination for Plus Size Clothing For All.

NextMia Goal

NextMia has a simple goal – It works hard to always provide you with the most appropriate clothing choices ideal for you, in conjunction with superb quality for its vast range of fashionable products. They provide every plus size women with easy access to their fantastic clothing lines irrespective of your residence. So no matter who you are, where you live and what you look like, as long as you aspire to enjoy beauty, fashion, confidence and charm, you know you are welcomed guest at NextMia.

NextMia Products

NextMia sells some of latest trendy fashion products including all kinds of stunning plus size fashion. Plus size clothing for all by NextMia includes dresses, swimwear, tops, outerwear, bottoms and lingerie. This makes the go-to online fashion store to get your desired chic fix. For those plus size and fashion-chasing ladies, hope your search for trendy clothes ended here.

NextMia Plus Size clothing all products adheres to the very hottest and modern fashion trends. Now you can wear the most comfortable, refined and stylish clothing much easily. Here you can buy unique outfits for every occasion with high quality, reasonable price and fast delivery. A large collection of dresses includes Maxi dresses, Print Dresses, Bohemian Dresses, Bodycon Dresses, Summer Dresses, beaches dresses, color block dresses and floral print dresses to select suitable dress for any function. An exclusive ‘New’ tab on the top of the webpage showcases all new arrivals in each product category. Shop at, and discover an entirely different world of cutting-edge fashion just at your fingertip.

Plus size boutique online, offers a variety of the latest fashion trendy women’s plus size clothing with best quality just for you! Discounts & Coupon Codes

Nextmia is a popular online store offering the best selection of Plus Size Clothing for all women. It sells best quality products such as Dresses, Swimwear, Tops, Outerwear, Bottoms and Lingerie at the best prices around the world. NextMia also provides great coupons, discounts and promo codes to enjoy some additional savings on your orders. Presently they are offering discounts on many products plus Free standard shipping on orders over $30 and Free express shipping on orders over $99. If you sign up for a customer account on you can avail weekly deals newsletter and even some special coupons and promo codes.

NextMia discounts, coupon codes and promo codes are widely available across the web. Just search for them and you can get up to 80% off on some NextMia products. There are many affiliated sites that offer up to 36% off on Stylish Plus-size Tops and up to 80% off on Plus-size dresses. NextMia New Arrivals range of products can be availed at 40-65% off. Moreover, its swimwear collection is offered at up to 55% OFF. At times, during sale NextMia offers up to 80% off on all plus size women clothing across site.

When it comes to discounts and coupons, NextMia is the perfect place and best choice for you to get tons of active Coupons, Discounts and Promo Codes.

Customer Reviews

There are not many customer reviews available about NextMia plus size clothing for all. But they offer a large collection of plus size fashionable products such as dresses, swimwear, tops, etc. It is usually difficult for plus size ladies to buy trendy clothes as there are not many sites offering them. However, NextMia offers trendy plus size clothing for all that are quality products at best discounted prices plus free shipping. I would highly recommend all plus size women to buy from this wonderful NextMia store and share your reviews in the comment box below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a Gift Card at NextMia?

Yes, special Gift Cards are offered through various forms of promotional activity.

How to use my Gift Card?

At the checkout page, select Gift Card as your payment method. Please make sure that the associated gift card is valid and is not expired and. Also note that NextMia Gift Card cannot be redeemed for cash.

How do I know what size clothing to select?

Check NextMia’s convenient Sizes Guides on the associated product page where you can view the measurements to help you make your right purchase.

Do NextMia provide international shipping?

Yes, orders are shipped to across the world for their customers. To know more, please refer to exclusive “Shipping info” page on their website.

What is NextMia Return & Exchange policy?

Firstly, all returns and exchanges must be reviewed and authorized by NextMia Customer Service Team. Once approved, an RMA form will be sent for completion. Returned or exchanged item(s) without a completed RMA form will not be accepted. If you wish to return your order for some reason, please contact their Customer Service staff first for advice and confirmation. For more details about Return & Exchange policy, please refer their website.

How to contact NextMia?

NextMia can be contacted via live chat or email.

  • Live chat – Click the icon on the right of NextMia website.
  • Email –


NextMia plus size online boutique store offers a variety of the latest fashionable trendy women plus size clothing with best quality and best prices. They help you better do renewing and upgrading of your wardrobe with fantastic collection of plus size dresses, swimwear, tops, outerwear, bottoms and lingerie that fit your curves. Moreover, loads of active coupon codes and discounts will help you save more. Happy plus size shopping at and enjoy looking stunning for any occasion/ function.

The Best Watches By Classic German Watches

Classic German Watches is an online shop that offers you distinctive, well-built watches made in Germany. The company is a worldwide retailer of the two popular brands – Theorema and Pionier. These Classic german made watches for men have seem to hit the market globally as well. In this article, we will be taking a review of the online retailer –


Wear your style on your wrist…let it say it all about you!!! No matter how technology evolves, certain things never go out of trend. Watches are one of them. They always make you standout among the crowd.

Now ask anyone and he will say that Swiss watches are the best. But look across the border and you will notice that Germany too has great names when it comes to creating characteristic watches. Classic German Watches are often built for a purpose with innovations both inside and outside the case. This is certainly not surprising as Germany is famous for its excellent engineering and craftsmanship.

Why Should You Buy From Classic German Watches? is an online website that is solely dedicated to the prominent brands that come with state-of-the-art watches with high calibre movement and efficient power reserves.

The company provides you automatic and mechanical watches that are manufactured and assembled in Germany. With multiple designs and excellent options to choose in your style, Classic German Watches offers you many collection to choose from.

The company provides WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING. That’s right. With two years warranty on the watches, you are safe to deal with Classic German Watches. If you receive a damaged product or just not satisfied with the purchase, you can even avail of return.

Classic German Watches online currently offers you two brands – Pionier and Theorema. Here are few of the top products of both the brands with their reviews.

Pionier Watches From Classic German Watches

Pionier is a flagsip brand by the German watchmaker family TUFINA. Successfully walking the 10th generation, the innovator is Bahri Tufina who made handmade watches right from scratch – over 300 single parts. With his ever driven passion for the “watchcraft”, he was captured by the communists only to be jailed for some time. Not many know but Tufina watchmakers have been in the craftsmanship for making best swiss watches just like Omega or Longines.

Offering the best german watches, Pionier watches offers you a wide range of collection that are available at a budget friendly price.

Pionier Barbados Automatic Watch – Features And Reviews

Choose between stainless steel wristband or fine leather watch strap for your Pionier barbados automatic watch that comes with fascinating design.

  • Size – 44mm
  • Glass – mineral glass
  • Waterproof – 3ATM
  • Diamonds – NO
  • Movement Clockwork – automatic
  • Jewels – 35
  • Oscillations per hour – 25,600

Pionier Barbados Automatic watch Review

“Happy customer” – Tina Clement

Buying a watch has always been a great deal for me. A good watch is always costly. I am so glad I found this website. They are cheap in delivering amazing quality watches. I do not regret my choice. Even if this watch isn’t your type, you would really appreciate the craftsmanship of Barbados and Pionier.

“Pionier barbados watches are top notch” – JJ

I ordered the silver pionier barbados watch and was sent black barbados. Thankfully Classic German Watches exchanged it. No hassles there. Both were equally stunning but I do prefer the silver. It kinda has a timeless feel.

Pionier Florida Diamonds Automatic Watch – Features And Reviews

Pionier florida diamonds automatic watches arrives in various types based on strap material, base, flute bezel, rim etc.

  • Size – 44 mm
  • Strap material – leather, stainless steel, all leather
  • Diamonds – 12 diamonds of 1-11 mm
  • Jewels – 35
  • Hand winding mode – yes

Pionier Florida Diamonds Automatic Watch Reviews

Currently there are no pionier diamond watch reviews available. However, if you are the first one to receive the product, do not forget to come back and ping it here.

Pionier Acapulco Limited Edition Watch – Features And Reviews

Featuring the “Made in Germany” quality seal, Pionier Acapulco semi-transparent dial delivers a great view of working movements. The Italian leather watch strap comes with strong clasp made out high quality material.

  • Strap material – leather
  • Waterproof – 3ATM
  • Case material – stainless steel
  • Jewels – 20
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Origin – Made in Germany

Pionier Acapulco Limited Edition Watch Reviews

Pionier Acapulco Limited edition watch at Classic German Watches has received 4 out of 5 star ratings from users. They love the product and feel absolutely comfortable with the decision. Usrs claim that the watch not only looks stunning but adds a confident look while wearing it.

The only con side to be is the shipping that takes a bit longer than mentioned. But that can be easily waved off when the product is delivered at hand.

Pioneer Coppernicus Automatic Watch (skeleton) – Features And Reviews

Inspired by the famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, the Pioneer Coppernicus automatic watch (skeleton) is precise just like the calculations delivered by the wise man. Delivering powerful stability, this skeleton optic displays the inner workings of the watch that was painstakingly created by finest of craftsmen.

  • Strap material – leather
  • Diamonds – Yes
  • Movement – Automatic
  • Jewels – 20
  • Waterproof – 3ATM
  • Origin – Germany
  • Lens – Mineral glass

Pioneer Coppernicus Automatic Watch (skeleton) Reviews

“Loved it” – Leon

Modern watch that comes with hints of classiness, definitely recommended for men.

“Obviously the best coppernicus” – Wyatt

The only coppernicus I can actually stand the look of it. I love it. The colors make it work I guess. I have owned thsi for a while now. Though the product is great the leather has started to give a weird smell. It is hardly noticable. Why I say is because I forgot to take it off during shower which damaged the leather. If only I can replace the leather.

Men’s Pionier Dublin Watch – Features And Reviews

Stainless steel or leather strap? Go with your flow. Of course, then there is the watch. Pionier dublin watch that comes exudes 35 jewel automatic mechanism. The windows of the crystal glass are created in such a design to reveal the month, day of the week. The day display glitters gold.

  • Glass – crystal mineral glass
  • Dimension – 44mm without crown
  • Clasp/Buckle – butterfly buckle
  • Strap – leather or stainless steel
  • Includes – Original pionier box with warranty card

Men’s pionier Automatic Dublin Watch Review

“Great watch” – Killian B

Compared to the black pionier dublin with the stainless steel strap, the leather gives an extra feel of classy look. I love teh idea of golden yellow color in the watch. It is supposed to represent the color of Irish whiskey. I thought it was made out of cheap plastic. However, this was not the case at all. I love the product and give it a 4 star rating.

“Represents my old roots” – Peter Kennedy

I ued to live in Dublin few years ago. I felt an immediate connection to the watch. It stands out from the rest. The colors of the watch are fantastic – gray, black, gold etc. that reminds me of the shades and lights of the streets I used to roam. I give it a top ratings for this watch.

Other top products of Pioneer german watches from Classic German Watches include

  • Pioneer Miami Watches
  • Pionier Malibu Diamonds Watches
  • Pionier Aruba Watches
  • Pionier London Diamonds Watches

Theorema Watches From Classic German Watches

Theorema is also a brand of the German watchmaker “Tufina Uhren” just like Pionier. Though initially from Albania, the family migrated to Germany where they currently reside. The company is in Germany and have more than 35 watchmakers over the last centuries with the first records that dates back to 1828. One famous example is the “Clock of Tirana”.

Theorema Damascus Diamond Watches – Features And Reviews

Choose from

  • All Black Leather
  • All Black
  • All Silver
  • Gold Black Leather
  • Gold Black
  • Silver Black Leather
  • Silver White Leather
  • Silver Black

Theorema damascus diamond inspired from the Damascus, a dream from One Thousand and One Nights offers you framed arc that replicates the Arabian sword. It made out of brushed aluminium that spreads to the engraved dial featuring 8 diamond gems. The pointer marking North resembles the fireworks in a summer sky. Go back in time with Theorema damascus diamond watches to the court of the Sheiks.

  • Strap material – leather/stainless steel
  • Glass type – hardened mineral glass
  • Waterproof – yes with 3ATM
  • Diamonds – yes
  • Jewels – 35
  • Origin – Germany
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Brand – Theorema

Theorema Damascus Diamond Reviews

“Better than expected” – Louis Dawson

I love watches and own 32 automatic watches from Japan, Switzerland and the US. This is my first order from Classic German Watches. I have to say that the product is excellent and my experience with the company is fantastic.

“Great watch” – John Perfold

Easiest way to buy quality watches at a cheap price online. Fast and safe delivery. Great watch. My colleagues are quite impressed.

Theorema Casablanca Watches For Sale – Features And Reviews

Who can forget the all time romantic and greatest classic film of all time, Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergmann movie, Casablanca!!! Derived from the movie comes Theorema casablanca automatic movie that greets your eyes with excellent complexity. This state-of-the-art model from Classic German Watches comes with skeleton style that clearly states the mechanical movements.

  • Handwinding mode – yes
  • Strap material – stainless steel
  • Glass – mineral glass
  • Waterproof – yes (upto 3 ATM)
  • Diamonds – No
  • Jewels – 17
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Returns – within 2 weeks from the date of purchase

Theorema Automatic Casablanca Watches For Sale Reviews

“Best german watch ever” – Francis Lester

I love Germany. While I was checking different german watches, I stopped by this site. Impressing design and high manufacturing quality convinced me to get this watch. The automatic watch is just perfect.

Theorema Newton Diamonds Watch – Features And Review

Respecting the scientist – Sir Isaac Newton, Theorema draws this timeless watch that offers the wearer not only an optical but technical masterpiece. The sturdy lever protects the crown credibly. The skeleton offers you the liberty to check out the background mechanisms efficiently.

  • Movement clock – Automatic
  • Jewels – 20
  • Waterproof – 5ATM
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Returns – within 2 weeks from the date of purchase
  • Strap material – leather/stainless steel
  • Size – 44 mm

Theorema Newton Diamonds Watch Review

Perry Longsheb – “Solid watch with cheap price”

Comparing to other watches in the market this watch is amazing. It comes with great design and fantastic details. I don’t know much about the movements but at such an affordable price I am not sure of its durability.

Lisa Jones – “loved his birthday gift”

I got the Theorema Newton diamond watch online for the 50th birthday of my husband. He loves the watch and was on cloud nine.

Theorema Paragon Automatic Watches – Features And Reviews

Basically a paragon represents a person or thing that serve as a role model of excellence – be it quality or by virtue. The Theorema Paragon represents just that. An elegant watch that adds a classic look, the automatic movements in the slim gold hands add a traditional look. How to maintain Theorema paragon watch instructions are mentioned in the website of Classic German Watches as well with the original box.

  • Size – 43mm
  • Strap material – leather
  • Diamonds – No
  • Movement – automatic
  • Jewels – 35
  • Waterproof – 3ATM
  • Case material – stainless steel

Theorema Paragon Watches Review

Currently there have been no reviews. However, you can help us by sharing your experience if you have ordered the product.

Theorema Toronto Watch (Mechanical And Automatic) – Features And Reviews

Taken from the name of the famous cosmopolitan city in Canada, Theorama toronto stands for progress and innovation. Featuring the oh-so-popular skeleton style that is made out of hardened mienral crystal glass, Theorema toronto watch is available in both mechanical and automatic style. So choose the one deemed fit for you.

  • Case material – stainless steel
  • Movement clockwork – automatic and mechanical (both available)
  • Glass type – hard mineral glass
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Diamonds – No
  • Returns – available within 2 weeks from the date of delivery

Theorema Toronto Watch Review

There are theorema toronto watch reviews in many forums and websites. Users have loved the product. A classic product, they are available at an ultra-bargain price that is quite competitive online. Though claimed that it is not too much water resistant, few users claim that it has good resistance when it used underwater.

Theorema Tigris Leather Watch – Features And Reviews

The theorema tigris watch comes with fine leather material that can stand durable. These automatic watches come with different types of leather – all silver, gold black or silver black.

This special men’s watch features the 24 jewels that comes with shining gold to ntoe the automatic movements in the mechanical arena. High quality italian leather strap is a feature that syncs correctly with the watch in discussion.

  • Origin – Germany
  • Size – 45 mm
  • Movement – automatic
  • Jewels – 24
  • Includes – box with warranty card and instructions
  • Clasp – butterfly buckle
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Shipping – FREE

Theorema Tigris Watch Review

A sold out product, theorema tigris watch is still in a great demand. If you order the product, make sure to jot down a quick review.

Classic German Watches Reviews

Overall, Classic German Watches has received good words from users. People claim that the company is best for dealing. Check out pionier/theorema watch forums that say a lot about the watches. The customer support is great while the quality of the product received is phenomenal. That being said, you must know that Classic German Watches offer two week return period if damaged/unhappy.

There are best german watches under $500/$1000 as well that fits in the budget. Watches can seem quite intimidating at times. If you are unsure which watch to choose, simply punch in your taste in the filtering option. It offers you watches that fit in your parameters.

To conclude, Classic German Watches are undoubtedly the best place to get quality product at an economical rate.

Classic German Watches Discount Codes And Coupon Codes

Currently there are not much discount codes or promo codes available for Classic German Watches. However, there are certain offers at their facebook page ( So make sure to stay updated for their discount offers. You can get theorema and pionier watches at discounted deals.

Warranty and Returns

Classic German Watches come with two year warranty period for replacement or any fault in workmanship.

The company also offers 14 days return policy. If the watch does not meet your expectations (that’s a rare-see) or if you have received a wrong product/damaged product, simply return them within 2 weeks from the date of delivery.

You can claim exchange or refund that will be reimbursed dutifully. The company also ships luxury watches online internationally that too ABSOLUTELY FREE! Now that’s something you don’t hear everyday…at least in the global arena.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does theorema and pioneer watches come with guarantee?

Yes, Classic German Watches offer 2 years warranty on all their watches.

Does Classic German Watches online come with any discount?

Yes, all the watches of Classic German Watches are offered to customers at a discounted price.

Do you ship pioneer watches to UK?

Yes, Classic German Watches ship internationally inclduing UK, Malaysia.

Are pionier watches available in ebay, amazon?

Yes, pionier and theorema watches are available at other marketing sites such as ebay, amazon etc.

Are the pionier watches for sale any good?

Yes, all the watches of Classic German Watches are designed, manufactured and shipped from Germany. So you can be sure that you are receiving the branded product as it is.

Where can I find pionier/theorema watches discount codes?

Sites such as offers pionier watches discount codes to get a cut-off at pioneer watches price.

Where can I find quality pionier pocket watches online?

You can check out pionier pocket watches at websites such as

What is the official site of theorema watches?

The official website of theorema watches is

Are theorema watches available at UAE?

Yes, since Classic German Watches ship worldwide, you should have no problem ordering the product at UAE.


The final verdict!!! Classic German Watches is an excellent website that offers you amazing watches at a budget friendly price. Since all the watches are manufactured and shipped from Germany, carry the “Made In Germany” seal, have 2 years of warranty, you can be assured that watches you order are of top quality. Period!!!

Top 5 Support Hose Store Products

Support Hose is an online store where you get all kinds of compression stockings, hosiery, and socks. The products are available from different brands and of different compression’s ranging from 15-20mmHg to as high as 50-60mmHg or more. Different styles like waist high, thigh high, knee high, maternity, plus size and others are also available here. The compression’s stockings at Support Hose store are available for men, women, and some are unisex products.

Table of Contents

  • JOBST stockings- UltraSheer Maternity pantyhose
  • Juzo Support stockings– OTC Silver sole with X-static closed toe socks
  • CEP Ortho Compression ankle sleeve
  • Therafirm SmartKnit seamless diabetic socks
  • Mediven Assure knee high open toe compression stockings
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Here we will see the top 5 rated variety of compression products at Support Hose store. They belong to different category and styles, meant for both men and women. Let’s see what all they are.

JOBST Stockings- UltraSheer Maternity Pantyhose

The glory of pregnancy can be affected by swellings in the legs and discomfort in the ankles etc. All these are due to improper blood flow to the legs. Having maternity compression stockings helps improve the blood circulation to the lower part of the body. JOBST offers this UltraSheer maternity pantyhose that is durable and can give comfort for a long time.

JOBST Ultrasheer provides thin but stylish support to the legs. The satin touch of the fabric and compression range will not make you feel squeezed. It is rather comfortable fit. The sizes can be chosen from small to plus size.

Features of JOBST Ultrasheer maternity pantyhose

These JOBST UltraSheer maternity pantyhose is made for the comfort of the pregnant women who have the varicose vein complaint, tired legs and discomfort in the legs or ankle. Having these pantyhose will ease much of their worries. The fabric is comfortable and has some tricky technology to boast of.

The major features are the SoftFit technology it is made with, JOBST silicone band for comfort and the JOBST advanced comfort.

  • SoftFit technology: The SoftFit technology is to use silicone yarn to keep the stocking in its place. Usually the stockings use a higher pressure at the top to help it keep in place. This can affect many as it can be too tight for many. With this silicone yarn used for knitting will help keep it in place without using pressure. This silicone yarn can adhere to the skin and keep firm. Thus the pressure is relieved at the top for some extra comfort. This firmness in the Jobst UltraSheer maternity hose also allows the gradient of the compression’s work well and natural.
  • Silcone band: The use of silicone yarn to make the pantyhose makes it easier to adhere to the skin like a second skin. The snug but comfortable fit can provide a slight and comfortable pressure on to the legs. There is also no red skin due to tightness.
  • Advanced comfort is offered by the same silicone yarn that has higher moisture absorption. This is great relief for women who are going through pregnancy woes in the summer. They can still wear the pantyhose and need to sweat too much. Do note that these pantyhose are not cooling but can be greater comfort in comparison. It also has double covered yarn for a reinforced heel zone. The fabric is highly elastic and provides good support to the tummy area.

JOBST Ultrasheer maternity pantyhose are not a medical compression but only a support hose to ease the pressure on the legs. It has the least amount of pressure at 8-15mmHg. This is a waist high support with closed toe. It is available only in beige color with a standard band. The size choices are small to plus size.

JOBST Ultrasheer maternity pantyhose customer reviews

Brittany from GA wore this pantyhose for her third pregnancy and for her it worked like a charm. She admits it is sheer, comfortable, and effective in dealing with the swellings in the legs. She is happy with the price and quality.

Kelbel, a nurse who works on 12 hr shifts is much more relaxed while using JOBST Ultrasheer maternity pantyhose.

Anonymous: Another woman who has used t during her pregnancy vouch that this is a necessity during the varicose veins in pregnancy.

Juzo Support Stockings – OTC Silver Sole With X-static Closed Toe Socks

Juzo OTC silver sole with x-static closed toe socks is for regular use with some compression feel this socks can provide a compression feel of low-mid range, 12-16mmHg.

  • This sock is made for the sensitive skin that can easily wear off. People who have to walk for longer with a sensitive skin may find this sock refreshing.
  • The sock has cushion effect on the sole for comfort.
  • The silver sole uses silver fibers that have antimicrobial effects. it reduces odor by killing the odor causing bacteria
  • It also protects the garment from wearing off due to bacterial activity
  • The pillowed soles reduce blister formation or callus buildup.
  • There is also a mid-foot compression that prevents the bunching up of the sock.
  • The sock is unisex with a color option of white, black, or pink to choose from.
  • It is no medical compression’s sock, but only support. It is available without a doctor’s prescription.
  • Juzo OTC silver sole with x-static closed toe socks is machine washable. You don’t have to spend time in hand washing the garment. Just toss it with other clothes.
  • As much as the garment is durable, when used daily, it is recommended to replace it every 6 months. Replace the garment if it has become looser or tighter than it used to be.


CEP Ortho Compression Ankle Sleeve

CEP Ortho Compression ankle sleeve is for those who are recovering from any ankle injury. The compression rate is higher to keep the ankle from moving excessively. You may be able to walk properly but may not be able to run or move faster than usual. It provides ample support and allows enough space to heal the injury without causing any more mishaps.

Features of CEP Ortho Compression ankle sleeve

  • CEP Ortho Compression ankle sleeve is easy to pull on
  • It has higher elasticity and can contour to the leg anatomy quite comfortably.
  • The ankle sleeve is light weighted and low profile design. It is comfortable to wear with shoes.
  • The make of the sleeve is seamless knitting.
  • It retains the excessive body heat it provides relief from pain and prevents swelling as well.
  • The compression level it provides is 20-30mmHg with graduated compression. It improves the blood circulation, and promotes muscle joint stabilization.
  • It stretches both ways for comfortable fit.
  • It is made of polyamide and spandex in the ratio 66 and 34 respectively.
  • There are 6 available sizes from 1-6.
  • To get the right size, measure the circumference of the smallest region of your ankle and check it with the size chart available while you purchase.
  • The only color it is available is in black with a green color CEO logo.
  • You get only one ankle sleeve per pack and can be used in either the left or right leg, whichever is injured. If you need a pair of sleeves you are going to have to order for 2.
  • People with degenerative ankle can benefit from this ankle sleeve as it is also preventive functional.
  • CEP Ortho Compression ankle sleeve is not an athlete’s product but can be used by anyone with an ankle injury.

CEP Ortho Compression Ankle Sleeve Customer Reviews

Steve suffers from tendonitis on one toe has found success with this CEP Ortho Compression ankle sleeve. He also found relief from his Achilles. According to him, the sleeves are tight but not too tight.

Florine, aged 69, on the other hand is not happy with the difficulty in outing it on and off, but is happy that it keeps the swelling in her ankle down.

MPZ suffering from degenerative ankle joint and spends time mostly on his legs now suffers less swellings and lesser pain, thanks to this CEP Ortho Compression ankle sleeve.

Smith, is another person commented on the difficulty in getting the sleeve on and off. But he too is happy with the comfort it provides.

Therafirm SmartKnit seamless diabetic socks

Diabetic socks are a special kind of socks with no seam, to be used by diabetic patients. Diabetes is often associated with foot ulcers and diabetic patients are more vulnerable to this condition than others. Having this no-binding diabetic socks will reduce the risk of developing foot ulcers. These kinds of socks are also able to absorb moisture in the foot that reduces the chances of fungal infection as well.

Features of Therafirm SmartKnit Diabetic Socks

  • The Therafirm SmartKnit diabetic sock is non-binding with a halo top. It fits for all without any indentations on the skin. It also does not slip down on the leg.
  • The sock is made in Lycra yarns that can hug to the legs and feet comfortably without causing pressure. It almost can be a second skin over the legs.
  • No bunching up the socks mean there are no chances of blood circulation restrictions. Blood flows smooth and fine.
  • The moisture control ability of this sock keeps the feet dry and prevents fungal growth. The use of coolmax polyester (97%) and spandex (3%) makes wicking effect that can remove the moisture away from the skin.
  • The sock is machine washable with a tumble dry in low. Do not use any bleach on the socks.
  • Therafirm SmartKnit diabetic sock is unisex to fit both men and women. The style is to stay over the calf. It comes in white color, with a size option of small and medium only.
  • The complete absence of the seam eliminates the pressure points on the toes and all other risk factors.

Therafirm SmartKnit Diabetic Sock Customer Reviews

Ronal got it for her grandma is happy with the fitting and comfort it provided. The small size is real small for the small person her grandma is.

On the other hand, Gizzy found the socks to be too big, even at the small size. It is not even staying up, is what the review says.

It’s kind of mixed reactions this product has from the customers. Some say it fits well while others find it either loose or tight. May be its just them!

Mediven Assure Knee High Open Toe Compression Stockings

Mediven Assure knee high open toe compression stockings are a unisex stocking. It has a compressions of 20-30mmHg. The fabric is soft and easy to put on or take off. It can wear comfortably for all day long. It has an appearance that can hide blemishes on the skin.

Who is it meant for?

  • People who has mild to moderate spider veins on legs
  • Varicose vein that is mild or severe can be comforted with this Mediven Assure knee high open toe stockings.
  • People suffers from edema of mild to moderate range
  • People who get their legs too tired, achy of have heavy feel at the end of the day.
  • It is also an excellent way to help prevent DVT- Deep vein thrombosis.

Mediven Assure knee high open toe stockings come as a pair. The material is machine washable. It is available in only one color- beige and comes up to knee high. It is unisex in use. The size available ranges from small to XXL.

Mediven Assure Knee High Open Toe Compression Stockings Customer Reviews

Bauer loves the light weight feature of Mediven Assure knee high open toe compression stockings. It is more to the comfort in the summer when it is not easy to wear the heavy socks.

Angela, a nurse, is someone who is more than happy to have these stockings. Whereas, Steven ha the opinion has that they (manufacturers) better check the sizing given and it needs better explanation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do compression stockings work for varicose veins?

Compression stockings are made in such a way that it applies enough pressure to improve the blood circulation through the legs. Unlike other tighter garments, it does not block the blood circulation but improves it. Having these stockings will help prevent the varicose veins.

Do I need a doctor’s prescription to buy stockings from Support Hose Store?

Not for all products. Only the compression’s stockings that have a compression level of over 20mmHg needs a doctor’s prescription. Anything under this pressure level can only provide support to the legs or the part intended. Pressure over 20mmHg is therapeutic or healing which definitely requires a doctor’s advice to proceed with.

Here, you will need doctor’s prescription for CEP Ortho Compression ankle sleeve and Mediven Assure knee high open toe compression stockings.

How are compression stockings different from support stockings?

Basically both compressions stockings and support stockings are the same with similar purpose, to apply pressure on the veins to have better blood circulation. It is the difference in pressure that is applied that makes them different from each other. Support hose is just for support with less pressure and compression stockings can apply higher pressure ranging from 20-60 millimeters of mercury- mmHg.

What measurements should I take for my leg that is swelled, for compression stockings?

The measurements for compression stockings should be taken when the swelling is nil. You need to measure your legs and not that of swellings.

Do I need to get a pair of stockings or sleeves to cure an injury in one leg or ankle?

Usually no. the injury is for one leg/ankle so you need only one. If you are using a support hose, stockings, socks or sleeves you may try it on both legs for better comfort. If it is for healing or therapeutic concentrate only on the injured side.

How long should I wear my support or compression garments?

It is better to be worn for the longest time. The best time to put them on would be the morning time when the swellings are the least. This helps in curbing the pain as well as the swelling. There is no time period to wear these garments. It is for your comfort so wear them for as long as you are comfortable in.

There is one exception that certain compression sleeves are better taken off while traveling in flight. Compression socks are rather safer but the sleeves are better be taken off during the flight hours.

Golf Subscription At Bogeybox Review

Whether you agree or not, the world has found a great affinity to online shopping. The Bogeybox Golf Club is, in a way, an online shopping experience with a little twist! You need to subscribe to the club to be allowed to shop there? Wondering how? Here we go!

Table of Contents

  • What is Bogeybox Golf Club?
  • What do you get there at the Bogeybox Golf Club?
  • How Bogeybox Golf Club subscription works?
  • The 8 questions
  • The real happenings
  • Who can benefit from Bogeybox Golf Club?
  • Pondering the pros and cons
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Bogeybox Golf Club?

Bogeybox Golf Club allows those ‘lazy’ men who are too lazy to go out for shopping. With a subscription in this club they are eligible for to get a selected pick of clothes of their taste and choose the one that they love to have. The non-selected clothes could then be shipped back to the club free of cost, the club subscription includes free shipping both the ways. You get to choose; you pay the money and will be at the leading front of the latest fashion in golf field, formals, or causal men’s attire.

It is the same as at the store shopping. You can pick the ones you are interested in, try them on and reject what you don’t like. All these in the luxury of your home! You don’t want to go out, you don’t HAVE to go out for this new shopping experience.

What Do You Get There At The Bogeybox Golf Club?

  • Latest fashion clothes to be tried at home
  • Free shipping both ways
  • Money back guarantee on the apparels you bought
  • Unlimited free online golf lessons along with the membership. You get one free online golf lesson with every Bogeybox ordered.

How Bogeybox Golf Club Subscription Works?

It takes 3 steps to get the Bogeybox Golf Club subscription and be eligible for this shopping spree.

  • Step 1: Describe about yourself and your taste in clothes
  • Step 2: Bogeybox Golf Club will ponder you taste and choose selected garments for you to approve through email. You pick the ones that interest you.
  • Step 3: A Bogeybox would be sent to you. You try the clothes and keep the ones that you love to and pay only for them.

The 8 Questions

Of the 3 steps mentioned earlier, the first would make you go through 8 questions about yourself and your choice of clothes, sizes etc. Upon answering every one of them as appropriate, you will have the step 2 and later step 3 done later.

  • Choose the style you need from conservative, bold and mix of both
  • Your usual dress style to work daily
  • The type of shirt that you prefer. Choose whether you want a tailored shirt or standard fit
  • The pants fit of your choice- slim/trim or standard. Here there is no need to worry, you will have ample choice in the Bogeybox to choose the right pants for you
  • Feed in the sizes for your shirt, waist size of your pants and length of the pants. The available sizes for shirt are small, medium, large, XL, XXL and others. The waist size of pants would be 30-40 or others. The pants length vary from 30-38 or custom made.
  • Next question is about your clothes price philosophy on every day clothes. Choose from the 4 options of given if you are liberal in spending money, or willing to pay for what is a great outfit of any price or the usual more than $100 or approx $145 range.
  • Next is time for you to fill in the name, address, zip code, phone number, and email id.
  • If you have a discount coupon available for you, apply it here in this stage.

The Real Happenings

The real work mechanism here is that when you tell the preferred outfit types, you will get to talk to the professional stylist over the phone or through email. The selected garments will be sent for your approval. This stylist consultation would be charged $20 and will be credited along with the items that you purchase at the end. There would be 5 items in every box sent.

The 5 items in the Bogeybox includes accessories like belt, so that you can mix and match the items in the box with that in your closet to get different looks.

You have 5 days to decide what you want and which ones to send back. The shipment is prepaid so you can just pack the things and send it back.

Before sending it back, you have to inform your stylist on which ones you are buying and you will be charged only for those items. Do note that the stylist fee is applied to every item you purchase. The price for each item would be the retail value, no hidden charges.

In case you wish to keep all the 5 items in the Bogeybox you will get 25% off on the entire purchase box.

Who Can Benefit From Bogeybox Golf Club?

Bogeybox Golf Club mainly focuses on golf apparels but there also is casual/formal attire but have an affinity towards the golfer look. Any golfer who is too lazy for shopping can benefit from Bogeybox Golf Club. There is no real subscription, only sign up is required. The payment comes later.

The beauty is that you can order the clothes anytime you prefer later on or can get it shipped on regular basis, which you prefer to. No matter how many time you want a shipment, it is available unlimited with no cost.
The best part is that you get to try the clothes on before you pay even a single penny towards it. Even the stylist fees would be added at the end when you purchase the clothes. This is a huge advantage the Bogeybox Golf Club has over the other online shopping stores. There you pay before you even get to have a real look at what you are paying for.

There are lots of brands that you can try over the time. There are over 40 brands of gold apparel at Bogeybox Golf Club. The price is not that high and the average price would be around $65 but there are higher prices clothes also. You can get the same kind of clothes at home without having to drive from shop to shop.

Pondering The Pros And Cons

  • As mentioned earlier, the pay later- try first policy is a huge reliever for all.
  • You get 5 different items so you can mix and match with the ones you already have
  • You have enough days to decide what to keep.
  • 25% off on the entire box is real appealing.
  • Unlimited shipping anytime, all throughout the year
  • So why not pay that $100 as annual fee?

The Con

The stylist charge of $20 on every item purchased is a little over the top. I would rather have it charged for items per box.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I order the Bogeybox?

There are no limitations, you can have it pre-planned to be delivered on monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. It is up to you.

Can I request for specific brands or apparel types?

Of course! The Bogeybox Golf Club is all about customized ordered that is practically tailored made for every customer. You can even opt for a specific price range as well. You can also order only t-shirts, pants, shorts or whatever that you prefer, instead of a mixed items box.

Are there women’s clothes available?

Unfortunately, no women’s apparel at Bogeybox Golf Club!

What are the choices of men’s apparel at Bogeybox Golf Club?

There are 2 categories, Golf apparel, and general menswear. The former category has collared shirts, shorts, pants, belts, rain gear, and outerwear. The general wear includes button down shirts, loafers, trousers, jeans, and belts.

Do I have to pay for the next Bogeybox in case none of the items fit for me or does not appeal me?

Not at all, you can have shipments any number of times, until you find the one that suits you well.

How does the return happen?

Decide what you want and keep the unwanted items in the box, seal it, and stick the return label. The Bogeybox Golf Club will schedule the pickup with the FedEx so that you don’t have to go out even for that.

What is the return time period?

You have to return the unwanted items within the 5th upon receiving the Bogeybox. If the return is done on the 6th day, all the items in the box would be considered sold.

The only exception is when the 5th happens to be a Sunday or a holiday. In that case, you can send the return on the next business day promptly.

Hippypits Deodorant For Hippys – All Natural Deodorant That Actually Work

HippyPits deodorant for hippys are natural organic products to inhibit sweat smell that can make one jump off from a cliff. We will be reviewing here how HippyPits deodorant are going to work.

Hippy Pits Natural Deodorant

Let’s get some facts straight. You have tried all kinds of deos that seem to work for you. But for how long? 4-5 hours? Can you honestly say that your deo lasts for a good while without releasing the sweat smell? Thought so.

Not to mention that deodorants that we get today have been linked to breast cancer. They contain parabens as preservatives that tend to trigger health hazards when used regularly. Other side effects include Alzheimer’s, eczema and so on. They can also cause issues in the lymph glands and sweat glands.

While it is necessary that you sweat, foods you eat also play an important role in determining your stink. Hence it is essential that you eat good and move the body for better sweat.

But then sweat is sweat. It stinks…at times bad, especially when summer is at its peak. So when you are checking out deodorants for yourself, make sure you opt for organic ones. They will keep you safe and last longer than other chemical “stink killers”.

Why I Like Hippypits Deodorant?

Here are two main reasons why I feel safe about Hippypits deodorant.

Ingredients of Hippypits deodorant

As the base ingredient, Hippypits deodorant uses Kaolin clay (Rose clay or Pink clay) and White Kaolin clay. This “muddy” base works as an excellent exfoliator for your skin. It enters the pores and cleans the skin naturally while improving the skin texture. The absorbent nature of clay oozes up the sweat and leaves a clean dry pit behind.

Combined with essential oils, the products of Hippypits deodorant is blended proportionately with other vital ingredients such as

  • Shea butter – Derived from karite trees, shea butter is one of the major ingredients of cosmetic industry for its benefits on skin. Rich in vitamins E and A, shea butter moisturizes the skin’s sebaceous glands. This is definite yes if you are having a dry skin. I have a dry skin which gives it a flaky and desert look. It is a safe product for those who are dealing with eczema or other skin sensitivities. You can even use it after shaving to soothe any skin irritation. The anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties of shea butter in Hippypits deodorant makes it must-have in your carry bag.
  • Coconut oil – One of the main ingredients of Indian cooking and beauty purposes, coconut oil serves multiple benefits that are beyond words. The powerful properties such as anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral etc. makes it a topper for both internal and external usage. When taken internally, it balances the hormones that can assist in killing candida yeast. A natural moisturizer, Miranda Kerr does not go a day without coconut oil in her life. It is rich in vitamin E that works as a great moisturizer for your skin. When applied topically, coconut oil makes it a great assistance for repairing and rejuvenating your skin (and hair!!!) And, yes, the saturated fat in coconut oil prevents moisture loss from the skin. This makes Hippypits deodorant a great underarm wrinkle fighter.

These are just two of the key ingredients in Hippypits deodorant. Other ingredients include arrowroot powder, tapioca starch, baking soda, Canadian margine glacial clay, diatomaceous earth and so on.

Benefits Of Hippypits Deodorant For Hippys

Benefits are endless and offer you efficient benefits on your pit. Hippypits deodorant for hippys get rid of dead skin and promote a healthy regeneration of your skin. The baking soda used in Hippypits deodorant is aluminium free. Use of baking soda is to get rid of bacteria on skin’s surface. Hippypits deodorant are rich in minerals such as protein, copper, iron, potassium, vitamins etc. that improve the blood circulation in the skin.

Even the fragrance of Hippypits deodorant for hippys are absolutely organic. You won’t have any allergies since all the ingredients are safe to use. Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea tree are the aromatic fragrances that soothe your senses while keeping you fresh all day long. Now, don’t we all love a product that has familiar words on the ingredient list?

Products Of Hippypits Deodorant For Hippys

Currently, there are three Hippypits deodorant for Hippys

  • The Naked Hippy – It does not come with a scent so that you can spice it up with your favorite taste if you want.
  • Live Love Lavender – A mild and sweet scented lavender essential oil that is widely used for aromatherapy treatments and spas.
  • Tree Hugger – “The closest thing to being a tree is to smell like one” as quoted in Hippypits deodorant for Hippys page, tree hugger offers you the aura of eucalyptus and tea tree oil that stays with you even after you shower.

Hippypits Deodorant For Hippys Review

So what do I like about Hippypits deodorant for Hippys? Let’s see.

  • The Ingredients – The ingredients are quite natural and organic. There is no second thoughts here. You are going to love it. Personal experience matters a lot. So you have to try it to be a believer. Your underarm is a delicate area so it is crucial that stay away from chemicals to inhibit any health hazards. A refreshingly unique deodorant for your body, Hippypits deodorant for Hippys is a must try.
  • The Scent – All the deodorants are scented using essential oils. There are no preservatives, additional colors or additives. Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea tree are three aromas infused in the deo to smell good.
  • The Effect – When it comes to overall effectiveness, you can give the product a definite 10/10. You can go couple of days without showering (Yikess…as it sounds) and you will note that the fragrance is still clean and fresh. There are no hidden surprises here. In fact, Hippypits deodorant for Hippys has been tested with vigorous power yoga of 90 minutes. The result was precise. Hippypits deodorant for Hippys actually does work.

Now for the downside. The official website does not say much except that it is manufactured in Vancouver, CA. You don’t see much reviews or info about the product in the webpage. There are no customer support or any information about how to return a product if not satisfied.

Though I have high hopes for Hippypits deodorant for Hippys, I still lack the confidence if things do not work in my favor.

However, comments on their facebook page makes me indulge in this hippy deo. The reviews have been tremendous on Hippy Pits as people are genuinely loving these deodorants. This has motivated Happypits deodorant for Hippys to come up with new launches as well.

Bottomline, if you are looking for a natural alternative to chemical infused sprays and roll-ons, then Hippypits deodorant for Hippys will definitely keep your sweat under control for a longer time with a refreshing feel all day.